Sherzod’s primary research is in modern Japanese and East Asian History, Japanese-Soviet/Russian relations, the Cold War in East Asia, the post-WWII, post-imperial migrations in East Asia, and the international and transnational history of the Soviet system of forced labour camps for prisoners-of-war. He wrote his doctoral dissertation on the Siberian Internment – the captivity, exploitation and indoctrination of over 600,000 Japanese former servicemen in the Soviet forced labour camps between 1945-1956. In April 2016, this research was awarded in Japan the inaugural Murayama Tsuneo Memorial Award for the Promotion of Research into the Siberian Internment (link to a Mainichi Shimbun article in Japanese).

Sherzod has recently completed a chapter on the Japanese Empire for the forthcoming Cambridge History of Nationhood and Nationalism, and is currently researching an article on the transnational aspects of Gulag captivity.